The Family of Robert White Sr.
(1743 - 1843)

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Below is a Brief of Robert White Sr's Family, the Website covers each family in greater detail, Connections/Allied families, etc.

Our South Carolina Roots

Known Migration Route - ??, VA, NC, SC

"White" Male Y-DNA = Ancient Origin British Celtic. Combined English, Wales, Scotland = 42%,
 Ireland = 31%,  Scandinavia - 12%, Central Europe = 10%, East Slavic = 4%,  American Indian = 1%. (99% European)

Generation #1

Robert White Sr.
(Rev War Vet - mentioned in Obituary - served 6 years)
(Grandson Letter of 1875 - "...Grandfather was a Vigorous Veteran & Blacksmith..."
letter indicates Robert was in good health, at 100yrs old, still repairing metal tools...)
(Ceremony, June 9, 2019, to accept & recognize our Patriot into SAR & DAR organizations)

Born: 9 Jan 1743 Near Roanoke River VA 
1871, Grandson, Isaac Murphy, letter: "... Old Grandfather White was born in Virginia near Roanoke River.
I am informed that he lived on the Tar River North Carolina for a time"...

Died: 20/21 Nov 1843 Union County South Carolina
Robt. Sr was a resident of  Union Co SC, from 1788 to 1829, then moved, next door, to Spartanburg Co SC
 from 1829 to 1843, as the 1840 census cannot be found, I do not know who was caring for Robt Sr, until his
death,  I suspect, his son, Robt Jr, as they lived and attended the same church. Since all records show, he died
in Union Co, at age 100, it is possible he was with one of his daughters, Elizabeth, or Susan, both still in Union Co.
Robert Jr & brother Elias were the only sons left in SC 1843, two daughters in Union, and numerous grand & great
grand children in the area. Family lore has it, "that he was on a wagon to Union Co SC for a visit, when he became ill."

Buried: Padgett's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Cross Keys Union Co SC

Padgett's Church attended 1788-1809

Patriot Robert White DAR-SAR 2019

Robert's 21 Gun Musket Salute
Padgett's Crk. Baptist Church Cem.
Cross Keys Union South Carolina

Wreaths - DAR, SAR, CAR
Placed June 9th, 2019
Married 1st - abt: 1775 possibly Granville Co NC
Mildred "Milly - Milla" Whitehead
[other spellings; Whitted, Whited]
(dau of William & Francis "Fanny" Whitehead)
(Step daughter of Margaret [Nickles - Nichols] Whitehead.)

Born: unk. est. 1758/1763 NC
 Died: 30 Nov 1807 Union Co SC

Number of children: 12 

(1778 Whitehead family living in Granville Co NC, 1778
moved west to Caswell Co NC, moved to Laurens Co SC 1788)

(Milly was the oldest child & daughter of Wm Whitehead who died in 1805 Laurens
Co SC, mentions Milla White, in his Original WILL ('all transcripts are in error'),
Original Will attached to the 1825 Estate Bond, not the 1805 Estate papers)

Note1: Milly's siblings named, in order from Will, ages are NOT known only estimated.
Notes2: This Whitehead family, has been
mistakenly used, in many postings, on the Web.
Milly's siblings (oldest):  Lusa (Louisa) Adkins (Atkins), Benjamin, Thomas,
Daniel, Jane Alberson (Alverson), Stephen, Sarah Strain, William,
half brother & Sister:  John & Nancy Whitehead.  All Born in NC - except John & Nancy - SC
The Adkins & Alverson's were Neighbors in CC NC, Alverson's moved to Laurens Co SC.

Married 2nd - 1808/1810

(1810 Census indicates Robert has married a 2nd wife)


Born: 1760/1770 (est. from census)
 Died: 27 Dec 1840 Spartanburg Co SC

(Robt Sr was a resident of Sptg Co SC from 1829)
(Nothing is known of Elizabeth we don't believe 
any children came from this marriage, from census
it appears Elizabeth was born between 1760/1770)

No Known children

(have researched all Elizabeth's, Betsy's, Eliza's, from the
church minutes of each of the churches, there was a Elizabeth
Howard, that attended the Padgett's Crk. Baptist church, dismissed
then an Elizabeth White received at Fairforest Baptist, in a fairly
close time period, Robert was charter member number 1 (1809), at
the Lower Fairforest Baptist Church, he had attended the Padgett's
from 1788 to 1809, Fairforest from 1809-1829, surname search continues)

Robert White's known Migration Path
(Our 'White' surname Male DNA appears, in part, in Hanover, Louisa Co's VA, formerly part of old New Kent Co VA)

"From old Brunswick Co VA 1743 (Mecklenburg?) to Granville to Caswell County's NC to old 96th District SC (Union & Laurens Co SC)"

"William Whitehead is the Father-in-law of Robert White Sr."

Wm Whitehead was a Planter (farmer), land usually had a 6 to 7 year useful cycle, there were no Fertilizers
in the 1700's, famers had to either let their land lay fallow (unused for a time), or purchase new lands to farm,
in most cases planters/farmers had to sell, then buy new lands, often forcing them to move, to other counties
where land was abundant and cheap, near good water sources. Robert White was a Blacksmith, a trade in very
high demand in the old days, made anything metal, repaired anything metal, even guns & cannon during the wars.

Patriot, William Whitehead - Planter - sold food for the war cause
Patriot, Robert White - Blacksmith - served 6 years (per Obituary), 1775-1781.

Isaac Murphy Letter 1871 - "old grandfather White was born in Virginia near
Ronoake River, I am informed that he lived on Tar River N. C. for a time".
(Isaac Murphy son of Susan White Murphy, and Grandson of Robert White Sr)

Thomas Warren White Interview 1875 - "...Grandfather was also a Vigorous Veteran,
he was a blacksmith, on 100th birthday, walked a mile, to a shop, worked a piece of steel..."
(T Warren White was the son of Robert White Jr, grandson of Robert White Sr)

The area of VA in 1743 where the Roanoke River ran, was old Brunswick Co
VA, the area I am focused, created from old Brunswick, is Mecklenburg Co VA
bordered with Granville Co NC, the Roanoke River VA ran W/E across the entire
length of Mecklenburg Co VA, before crossing into NC, per old deeds from Granville
many folks migrated from Mecklenburg to Granville, moving back and forth VA/NC...
Robt White or his Family may have done the same, in search of cheaper lands to farm.
The county sizes were transforming rapidly during this time period, of our history, records
of our folks could be found in the surrounding Counties, ie, Granville, & bordering counties.

Much of our Theory is now confirmed

First, currently, we have proven that our Wm Whitehead moved from Granville NC 1778 to Caswell NC 1778,
being a planter, he purchases land on Moon's Creek in Caswell 1778.  Robert White married his daughter about
1775. If Wm was a Planter, it is logical he lived in Granville NC, at least 6 to 7 years, possibly longer. It is also logical
that Robert White married Milly there abt 1775, possibly, at her fathers place of residence, yet to be determined, but
there was a Wm Whitehead in Goshen district 1778, near the TAR River NC, (Isaac Murphy letter 1871, " ...old Grand-
father lived a time on the TAR River NC...".  Neither, Wm or Robert ever owned slaves, Robert may have had some land,
Blacksmiths were very busy, little time for farming, his children young. In Caswell it appears Wm gave land to his son Thomas
and possibly Robert White in 1781, as they pay the taxes, Robt., & Thomas land is not recorded, this happens when land is given
to a person, or receives it from inheritance, they were suppose to have it recorded, but many times they did not, Wm, Robert were both
living on Hogan's Creek from CC NC 1781, when Robt was discharged from his Revolutionary War service? So, theory goes, Robert White
married Milly 1775, is in service from 1775 to 1781, rejoins the family on Hogan's creek 1781, father-in-law Wm, provides him with 342 acres
of unrecorded land, which he pays taxes on from 1781-1787, then moves to 96th District 1787-1788 SC, Wm Whitehead follows in
purchases land on Cain Creek in 96th district SC, later to become Lauren's Co SC, Wm's is documented via land records from Granville 1778
to Caswell 1778, to Laurens Co SC 1788/1789, Wm also sells lands in Caswell while living in Laurens County SC. Wm & Robt. on 1790 Census.
Wm. dies 1805, Milly 1807, Robt. sells 195 acres of land 1814 on Cain Crk, this is probably land from Milly's inheritance, distributed to heirs of Wm.
Robt White & Wm Whitehead are on the 1786 NC Census for Caswell NC (Census 1784-1787), living 2 households from each other, on Hogan's Crk.

Generation 2
Children of Robert & Milly

Surnames married into Generation #2 (SC)
Union & Spartanburg County SC Families

"Betterton, Boatman, Bobo, Bullington, Cooper, Murphy,
  Norman, Gibbs
(2) [Howard/Breed/Avery], Golightly, Rhodes (2)"

Surnames married into Generation #3 (SC)
Union & Spartanburg County SC Families

Bailey, Barnett, Beauford, Bishop, Bobo, Browning, 
Coggin (s), Cooper, Farmer, Gillium, Golightly, Gordon, 
 Hamilton, Harlan, Jackson
(3), Layton, Lipscomb, Murphy,
  Murrell, Nix, Ray, Rhodes, Wilbanks, Wilson

Padgett's Creek Cemetery



Generation #2

The Ten Surviving Children of 
Robert Sr & Mildred [Whitehead] White


The Family of:

William White
(Son of Robert Sr & Mildred [Whitehead] White)

Born: 11 Nov 1776, NC 
Died: 6 Dec 1829, Union Co SC

Buried: Unknown - Union Co SC)

Old Lower Fairforest Cemetery

Married:  abt. 1800 Union Co SC
Elizabeth Boatman
(Daughter of Waterman & Diana [Cooper] Boatman)
(Grand daughter Robert & Apphia [Doggett] Boatman)

Born: 1778 Union County SC
 Died: 5 Jul 1851 Spartanburg Co SC 
Buried: Unknown (Possibly unmarked grave
at Lower Fairforest or Padgett's Crk Baptist Union Co SC)

Children of William & Elizabeth


Delilia Susanna White
Born: 20 Dec 1780 NC 
Died: 11 Apr 1851 Union Co SC
Buried: Grant Land of Simon II 
Murphy - Duncan Cemetery Union Co


The Family of

Susanna White

Susanna White
(Dau Robt & Milly White)

Sion Murphy Jr. III
(Son Simon II & Sarah Murphy)
(Gr Son Simon I & Eliza [Bird] Murphy)

  11 Mar 1798 Union Co  






.Children: 10

Sion Murphy Jr. III 
Born: 31 Jan 1765 Union Co SC 
Died: 26 Oct 1846 Union Co SC
Buried: Grant Land of Simon II 
Murphy - Duncan Cemetery Union Co 

Isaac Nathan Mary Sylvia Eady Hiram Mildred Jason Jeptha Delilah


The Family of: 

Robert White Jr.
(Son of Robert Sr & Mildred [Whitehead] White)

Born: 16 Mar 1784 North Carolina  
Died: 17 Feb 1880 Cedar Springs Spartanburg
Buried: Cedar Springs Baptist Church Cemetery Spartanburg Co SC
Wives are buried on either side of Robt. Jr.

Married 1st:  1811 Union Co SC 
Mary Polly Cooper
(Daughter of Elijah & Susan [Greer] Cooper)
(Grand daughter Wm & Mary [Harrison] Cooper)
Born:  2 Jul 1790 Union Co SC, 
Died: 23 Mar 1840 Cedar Springs 
Buried: Cedar Springs Cemetery 
Number of children = 12
Married 2nd: 1841/42 Spartanburg SC
Susan (Norman) White
(Daughter of Thomas & Judith [Dodd] Norman)
(Grand Daughter George & Margaret [Dodd] Norman)
Born:  1801 Union County, SC
Died:  3 Oct 1882 Cedar Springs
Buried: Cedar Springs Cemetery 
Number of Children =
(1 child - other marriage?)


The Family of: 

Migration Route: NC - SC - GA - AL - TX

Stephen White
(Son of Robt Sr & Mildred [Whitehead] White)

Born: 28 Apr 1786 NC (raised in Union County South Carolina)
Died: bet 1867/1868 - Probate filed Feb 7th 1868 Walker Co TX
Buried: Unknown Texas

(lived in Houston & Walker Co TX)

Married: abt. 1806/1807 Union or Spartanburg Co SC

Nancy (Nannie) Betterton
(Dau. of Thomas Jr & Palatia [Bailey] Betterton)
(Grand dau of Thomas Sr & Eleanor [Lee] Betterton)

(Other spellings; Beddington - Beddenton - Bettenton)
Born: 27 Jan 1782 Spartanburg Co SC 
Died: bet 1860/1870 - Walker/Houston Co TX
Buried: Unknown TX

Known Children of Stephen & Nancy (8)

John S Tilman B Milly W Stephen M Lavina B Levi W Wm W Nancy M


 The Family of:

Mary (Polly) White
(Daughter of Robert Sr & Mildred [Whitehead] White)

Born: 7 Sep 1788, Union Co SC   
Died: 9 Oct 1875 Richmond Co GA
Buried: Hephzibah Vance Cemetery 
Windsor Spring Rd Hephzibah GA

Migration Path: SC --> GA

Married:  5 Feb 1810 Union Co SC
Lewis Bobo Rhodes
(Son of John & Mary [Bobo] Rhodes)
(Grandson of Wm Jr & Elizabeth/Mary [Wofford] Rhodes)

Born: abt 1785 Union Co SC (10 Mar 1778 - Bk Lost Acadia?)  
Died: 1 Aug 1836 Richmond Co GA  (Will Probate date)
Buried: Hephzibah Vance Cemetery 
Windsor Spring Rd Hephzibah GA

Absolom John Thomas James Tilman Lewis B T Val Lewis A Mary  William Hiram


 The Family of:

Tillman White
(Son of Robert Sr & Mildred [Whitehead] White)

Born: 15 Mar 1791 Cross Keys Union Co SC 
Died: Georgia
(Isaac Murphy Letter 1886)
Buried: Unkn GA

Married: Unkn.
Sally (Sarah) Rhodes 
(Daughter of John & Mary [Bobo] Rhodes)
(Grand daughter of Wm & Elizabeth/Mary [Wofford] Rhodes)

Born: abt 1793 Union Co SC 
Died: Georgia
(Isaac Murphy letter)
Buried: Unkn

Children of Tillman & Sally
"Not Known at this time"


The Family of:

Elizabeth (Betsy) White
(Daughter of Robert Sr & Milly [Whitehead] White)

Born: 29 Jan 1793, Union Co SC 
Died: 18 Mar 1845, Cross Keys Union Co SC

Buried: Padgett's Creek Cemetery Union Co SC

 Married: abt. 1810
Soloman Bobo Jr.  
(Son of Solomon Sr [Rev War] & Mary [Potts] Bobo)
(Grand son of Lewis & Sarah [Solomon] Bobo)

Born: 7 Sep 1788 Union Co SC 
Died: 24 May 1851, Cross Keys Union Co SC
Buried: Padgett's Creek Cemetery Union Co SC

Children: 13 Known

Padgett's Creek Cemetery

Some of Solomon & Elizabeth's children moved to Bowie Co TX, in 1846; Jeremiah, Green, Samuel D & Lewis.
Jeremiah's 1st wife was; Sarah White?, 2nd; Hester White (dau. of Elias White), 3rd; Abigail Hancock.
Some moved to GA, Manly & Hiram to Bartow Co between 1870/80 & Elijah to Cherokee Co. Several 
remained in Union Co SC until their deaths, Hampton, William, Mary & Robert. Milly Beauford still unk.

Manley Hampton William Jeremiah Tilman Green Samuel Lewis Mary Milly Elijah Hiram Robert


The Family of:

Mildred (Milly) White
(Daughter of Robert Sr & Milly [Whitehead] White)

Born: 8 Oct 1795 Cross Keys Union Co SC 
Died: aft 1860 (bet. 1860 & 1865) Saline Co IL 
Buried: Unkn. (possibly Saline Co IL last residence)

Migration route: SC - TN - AL - IL - Isaac Murphy Letter 1886 - Milly moved to Ohio? (was found near Ohio River)
(Union Co SC to Lawrence Co TN to Lauderdale Co AL - Williamson Co IL - Saline Co IL)
I find Milly and several children in Williamson Co IL/Saline Co IL, near the Ohio River... 1850

Married: 23 Aug 1815 Union Co SC
(marriage date from War 1812 Application from Milly)

John Bullington
[Served War of 1812 Union Co SC]
(son of Robert & Susannah E. [Whitehead] Bullington)

Born: abt. 1792/94 Union Co SC 
Died: 8 Oct 1827 Lauderdale Co AL
Buried: Lexington Cemetery Lexington AL

Known Children: 6
Stephen Robert Mary Newton Benjamin S. William Susannah


The Family of:

Elias White

(Son of Robert Sr & Milly White)

Born: 20 Dec 1797 Union Co SC 
Died: 2 Aug 1873 Bowie Co TX
Buried: Creed Cemetery
Redwater Bowie Co TX

Known Migration Route: SC, TX

Married abt: 1820
Anne B. Gibbs

Daughter of: Zachariah & Sarah [Howard] Gibbs)
(Grand daughter of Obediah & Priscilla [Breed] Howard - Mom's side)
(Grand daughter of James & Ann [Barnett] Gibbs - Dad's side)

Born: 1801 Union SC 
Died: abt. 1864 Bowie Co TX
Buried: Creed Cemetery Redwater Bowie Co TX
Number of children 11
Benjamin Susan Hester Robert John Mary William Nathan Martha Monroe Laura
Elias White's Former Redwater Bowie County TX Lands


The Family of:
Migration Path: Union Co SC - Spartanburg Co SC - Harris Co GA - Dekalb Co GA

Son of Robert Sr & Milly White

Benjamin Franklin White
(Served in War of 1812 - Fife - 'Hugh Mean's 1st Regiment SC Militia')
(Served as Capt in Spartanburg Co SC Militia)
(Served as a Major in GA Militia - 1st Brigade 10th Division, G. M.)
(Music Teacher - Newspaper Editor "The Organ" - Inferior Court Clerk -  Mayor Hamilton Harris Co GA)

Born: 28 Sep 1800 Union Co SC
Died: 5 Dec 1879 Atlanta Fulton Co GA
(Resident of Dekalb Co GA)

Buried: Oakland Cemetery Atlanta GA
Author of:  Sacred Harp (1844)

Married: 30 Dec 1825 Spartanburg Co SC
Thurza Melvina Golightly
(Daughter of David Jr & Nancy [Ogburne] Golightly)
(Grand daughter of Wm & Amy [Shands] Golightly)

Born: 13 Oct 1805 Spartanburg Co SC 
Died: 2 Sep 1878 Atlanta Fulton Co GA
(Resident of Dekalb Co GA)
Buried: Oakland Cemetery Atlanta GA

Children: 9


The "Town Square" Hamilton Harris County Georgia
Community Plaque - BF White


Below this point - are the Descendants 
of Elias White - Son of Robert White Sr.
(I have selected Elias's lineage to be represented below - this web site
covers all of the surviving children of Robert White Sr, in much detail)

Our Texas Roots 
Elias arrived in Texas 1846
Son of Robert White Sr.

Elias White
Born: 20 Dec 1797 Union Co SC 
Died: 2 Aug 1873 Bowie Co TX
Buried: Creed Cemetery
Redwater TX

Known Migration Route: SC, TX

Married abt: 1820
Anne B. Gibbs

Daughter of: Zachariah & Sarah [Howard] Gibbs)
(Grand daughter of Obediah & Priscilla [Breed] Howard - Mom's side)
(Grand daughter of James & Ann [Barnett] Gibbs - Dad's side)

Born: 1801 Union SC 
Died: abt. 1864 Bowie Co TX
Buried: Creed Cemetery Redwater TX
Number of children 11
Generation 3 
Benjamin Susan Hester Robert John Mary William Nathan Martha Monroe Laura
Surnames married into Generation #3 (SC/TX)

Alford, Bobo, Creed, Harlan [Harlin - Harland], Kettell?, Landrum,
   Nettles, Nix
[Howard/Breed],  Reams, Rames, Smith, Tapp, Whitus

Surnames married into Generation #4 (TX)

Boney, Bonham, Collins, Earnest, Fischer, Fisher, 
Kelly, Kenny, Kruse, Lee, McCloskey, Roy, Russell, 
Spencer, Taylor, Trimble, Wright

Elias White's Former Redwater Bowie County TX Lands



Son of Elias White

Benjamin White
Born: 1820 Union Co SC 
Died: 1858 Bowie Co TX

Known migration route: SC, TX

Married abt: 1840/1841 Union Co SC
Polly Nix
Daughter of: John C & Sarah [Howard] Nix
(Grand daughter of: Benjamin & Millicent [Weeks] Nix - Dad's side)
(Grand daughter of: Avery & Mary [Jolly?] Howard - Mom's side)

Born: 1821 SC 
Died: 1855 Bowie Co TX
Number of children 9
Generation 4 
Thomas Marion William Susan Benjamin Louisa Charles John  
(Elias's line)
Surnames married into Generation #4 (TX)

Collins, Harris, Helms, Webb, 
Shelby, Jacobs, Unknowns
Ben & Polly are buried within the Center Ridge Cemetery
Section (8 Markers) called the 'Tapp & Watson Cemetery'



This cluster of 8 Stones stones ^ is the Tapp Cemetery
Relocated in 1956, from lands once owned by the Tapps,
related via the Marriage of Mary White dau. of Elias to Charles Tapp.


 Son of Benjamin White (Elias's son)

Thomas Monroe White
(CSA - 19th Texas Infantry - Waterhouse Regiment)

Born: 15 Sep 1841 Union Co SC, 
Died: 20 Jul 1923 Bowie Co TX

Known migration route: SC, TX

Married: 1875 Bowie Co TX
Marthia Olivia "Lee" Harris
(Daughter of: John Calvin & Mary Jane [Johnson] Harris)
(Grand daughter of: Charles Thomas & Mary [Ramsey] Harris - Dad's side)
(Grand daughter of: Isaiah & Jane [????] Johnson/Johnston - Mom's side)

Born: 11 Apr 1852 Botetourt Co VA. 
Died: 8 Dec 1938 Bowie Co TX
Number of children 10
Generation 5 
Marion Charles Lola Della Milton Inez Leo Richard John Newton
(Elias's line)
Surnames married into Generation #5  

Martin, Holley (2), McDaniel, Lawrence, Fowler, 
Rachel, Dennis, Fisher, Lewis, Foster


Son of Thomas Monroe White (Elias's line)

Newton Johnson White
Born: 24 Dec 1894 Bowie Co TX 
Died: 5 Jul 1964 Bowie Co TX
Buried: Bowie Co TX
(Lived in Clay & Terry County TX)

Emma Francis Foster  
(Dau. of Balus & Mary (Shaver) Foster)
(Grand Dau. of Wm M & Missouri [Fowler] Foster)

Born: 5 Oct 1893 Bowie Co TX 
Died: 15 Jul 1985 Bowie Co TX
Buried: Bowie Co TX
Number of children 8
Generation 6
Durward Juanita Mary Benjamin Thomas Eldridge Virginia Herbert


Below are the family lines of 
Emma [Foster] White
(Wife of Newton J White above)


This Web Site covers in much detail
My Grandmothers Lineage, of Which
the greater White family is also part of...

Emma Francis Foster 
(Newton White's Wife - above)

Parents of Emma: 
Balus & Mary
[Shaver - Letcher] Foster


Foster/Fowler Migration route: Spartanburg SC to AL to Bowie Co TX
Bowie Co TX Surnames Foster's married into:

Baggett, Barlow, Griffin, Fowler, Harrision, Jeffcoat, 
Letcher, Lewis, Morgan, Norris, Pardue, Shaver, Webb, White
Migration Route: SC to AL to TX
Gen #1 - Thomas Foster Sr. 
Born: 1785 Spartanburg Co SC
Died: 1850/60 Coosa Co AL
Wife: Ginsey Jane Fowler
Gen #1 - William Fowler
Born: 1770 NC
(of Sptg. SC)
Died: 1840 Coosa Co AL
Wife: Margaret Lawson
Migration Route: SC to AL
Gen #2 - William M. Foster
Born: 1823 Bibb Co AL
Died: 1865 Bibb Co AL
Wife: Missouri Fowler
Gen #2 - Wiley Fowler Sr.
Born: 1795 Spartanburg Co SC
Died: 1845 Coosa Co AL
Wife: Rachel [Bishop] Lewis
Migration Route: SC to AL to TX
Gen #3 - Balus Foster
Born: 1850 Bibb Co AL
Died: 1922 Bowie Co TX
Wife: Mary [Letcher] Shaver
Gen #3 - Missouri Fowler
Born: 1827 Spartanburg Co SC
Died: 1893 Bowie Co TX
Husband: Wm Foster
***Above Represents only my direct line, MANY other of the same Foster,
Fowler family Branches, followed this same path to Bowie Co TX***
The Foster's, Fowler's, Lewis's are from Spartanburg SC 
Letcher's from Edgefield Co SC, White's of course from 
Spartanburg & Union Co SC - Our TX relatives Ancestors
Lived among each other in SC, AL and continued in TX, I 
might add, they also continued to marry into each others families